New media design!

We are Digital

As Google partners, we are able to create specialized Google campaigns. We collaborate with writers, traditional publishing houses, digital publishers and distributors with the goal of creating unique e-books and make our customers’ titles available online. Last but not least, we can help you develop software and multimedia applications.


Whether you’re looking for reflowable or fixed layout, whether it is self-publishing or traditional publishing through a publishing house, no matter the language, we are able to bring to life the digital publication of your book. Years of experience and successful continuous collaborations with different satisfied customers, vouch for an unparalleled quality and professional high-end result.

Multimedia book

We redefine the sense of books with the use of technology. Add video, movement, sound and picture to your publication and create an interactive and unique book!


We collaborate with all marketing departments and teams, as partners. We collaborate with clients of all kinds and sizes that share one common goal: the aspiration to grow!

Web Development

Our web designers can help you bring your dream website to life using HTML5, CSS3, Responsive etc.

Animated Banners & Promotional material

Increase the engagement of your posts and attract attention to your campaigns on social media by using GIF’s or stylish animated banners.

UI/UX design

Whether it comes to a website or an app, user experience is the alpha and omega as it is what will make the user stay for longer on your page. User experience is what you need in order to make conversations.
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We design
Our well rounded character, knowledge and experience make us capable to cover the needs of even the most demanding brand. We understand that every brand carries a unique message and goal, therefor it deems special approach. Our goal is a creative collaboration from which both our client and us we’ll have a result that we will be proud of.
We Print
This is what our world is made of: paper, ink, vinyl, roles and the music of our printing machines! The knowledge and the latest equipment grant us capable to cover all your printing needs, whether that is digital or offset solutions. We are able to provide a wide range of services, from business cards, flyers, catalogues to large format digital print on tarpaulin, canvas, sheet, and much more. Click here and find out more!
We design
We are neither a publishing house or conventional when it comes to our services. But, we stand out in the Publishing business for our knowledge and the coaching we can offer. Our modern tools are: ebook to multimedia book, and print on demand to production for the largest publishing houses of Greece. We love to collaborate with companies and people who have a strong vision!